More new babies

Aren’t these babies pretty? Missus G. kidded last Monday without the drama and trauma of Libby. Two o’clock in the afternoon she was clearly having contractions, forty-five minutes later the last kid was on the ground. Did I ever tell you she is my favorite goat? She’s been a brat lately, to try to make up for being so compliant, but it will take a lot to offset the convenience of kidding in the afternoon.

They are without question babies of the Alpine buck, which is not a huge surprise. They are super nice, despite being crosses, but however nice these babies are, they won’t give any milk. They would have been really nice does…
A carting home would be ideal for these two boys, they are strikingly cute.
Baby goats are some of the most darling baby animals around. It is amazing how precocial they are. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they go from a bundle on the ground, to up dancing around. The larger one was trying to play with the other babies before it even ate its first bottle. Kidding season over already, 4 bucks to 1 doe. Not a great percentage, but maybe next year it will turn around.


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