How many?

We’ve been playing ‘how many jelly beans, but this time it’s a little harder. How many babies are in the goat belly? One huge baby that will kill Sophie Wackles to deliver? Two? Three? Judging from her complaining it’s five, minimum. I feel her pain.

Mrs. G. has babies in her too, I think. But she’s  a little more dignified. She doesn’t complain much. She and Sophie Wackles are due about the same time.

Libby is always a little chunky. She’s huge right now. She had triplets last year, and she was a quad. Three babies again? or will she have four this time. Two? It’s hard to say. Libby is due three weeks after Mrs. G. and Sophie, and her belly is pretty good sized

The guessing drives me crazyish, but not as crazy at wondering WHEN they’re going to have their babies.

Before bed, I run out and check them. A picture of class and dignity in my pink bathrobe and muck clogs, sans rifle, don’t want to be too north Idaho . Hector comes with me to run ahead and turn on the motion detector light. That’s his job, at least the part he knows about, the rest of his job is to be the one who gets attacked by any cougars that happen to be hanging around. He is happily unaware of this important duty assigned to him. He’s good boy, but he just cries for his nice safe cage. Not exactly a lion heart, although he’s pretty good at running off the house cats.

Somehow, I kept my baby monitor. Our house was so small when our babies were little, I’m a little puzzled as to why I had to have a baby monitor. It didn’t get much use. It got kept, ostensibly for friends when they came over and wanted to let baby sleep while we played volleyball, or something. Now as I reach middlish age, I suspect that it was a tiny not letting go of never having a baby to monitor again. Now it monitors my barn during kidding season. It’s not on all night, yet, I just check it a couple times. In a couple days it will be on all night until Wackles and Mrs. G kid. Marcus will be delighted. He’s amazing, but even he has his limits.

Those of you who have used baby monitors know how a baby breathing somehow turns into Darth Vader next to your head. Just be glad baby doesn’t chew a cud. Those monitors pick up the craziest sounds. Our neighbors are hopefully all too far away to have my transmitter interfere with any baby monitor receivers they may be using.

How many babies to expect when you’re expecting?  I’m thinking anywhere from 3 to 9.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Shannon, I really did fall off the couch laughing about Baby Darth Vader chewing cud.