Efficiency-my nemesis.

“It’s my one weakness.”

-Dorcas Lane in Lark Rise to Candleford

Dang it! Where are those goat babies? Monday morning I awoke in a panic. Sophie cannot go any longer than 155 days, or she will explode.  How many days has it been exactly?

Last year’s calendar, which contains my meticulous notes is long gone. Where else will the date be? The date  on the service memo reads 10/29/11, which puts the due date around March 26.  How does one make a mistake like that? Am I, the girl who never knows what the date is, truly that calendar challenged?

Efficiency caused this dastardly mix-up.

Due to an efficiency binge last year’s calendar is long gone. The girls made bookmarks from it; very green, very tidy.

All devotees of efficiency know that you should only record things once, but frequently items of importance get written down on my all purpose wall calendar and then transferred to the appropriate place.

This has nothing to do with the fact that the wall calendar is on the wall and I’m too lazy to find the appropriate binder, jot my note and put my binder away again. It is efficiency; if you don’t get it out it doesn’t need to be put away.

How the date got counted out wrong is a question to which I have no real answer. I didn’t bother to count out the days until the pregnancies were confirmed with blood testing; by then the evil mix up must have happened.

Resolved- Before I head out on any more efficiency binges, I will print out a calendar for next year and use it. I will just leave my binder out if necessary.  Here is my favorite place for calendars and forms- www.donnayoung.org.  Donna Young, a home school mom, has made many beautiful and useful forms available for free, so unless you suffer from a printer that is perpetually out of ink, there are no excuses to be without a calendar.

Meanwhile, I am sleeping all night for a few nights without listening to barn noises, and faithfully eschewing all efficiency.

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