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Spent most of m…

Spent most of my Friday up-loading photos to Craigslist! I love the instant classifieds for both selling and buying, but my slow internet service can make it a little time consuming. Do you ever wonder how those super bloggers like Pioneer Woman, who live out in the stinkin’ middle of nowhere manage to upload those millions of fabulous photos? Don’t take your information autobahn for granted, you people who don’t live in the digital black hole. They have faster inter-webs in the third world. Not that I’d change places for a higher kilobyte transfer, but sometimes you just have to wonder.

We’ve some goat kids for sale, we start carefully saying children this time of year when we are referring to our children vs our kids. It get confusing if we do not.

It’s happy-sad occasion. It’s hard not to get attached to them, of all the baby animals in world goat kids are the most endearing.

There are some new photos up on my goat page. The girls are looking a little scruffy from winter, but that’s North Idaho for you, we’re all a little scruffy at the end of winter. There is no point in removing any hair (or dirt) when it’s below freezing.

If you’re ever looking for a major photography challenge try goats. I kid you not! They do not want to stand there and let you take their picture. They want to be with you. The digital camera is a great boon.

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May 5, 2012 · 6:27 pm